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Celebrating One Year of Excellence: Crimar Industrial de Mexico

A Year of Innovation and Growth

April 2024 marks the first anniversary of Crimar Industrial de Mexico, our state-of-the-art facility nestled in the industrious heart of Hermosillo, Sonora. In just one year, we've set new benchmarks in the fabrication of FRP products, such as fiberglass vessels, and ducts, serving industries across the globe with unparalleled quality and expertise.

Technical Prowess and Infrastructure

Our workshop, spanning 3,200 sq. meters (35,000 sq.ft.) with an 11-meter (36 ft.) ceiling, is situated on a generous 14,219 sq. meters (3.5 acres) of land, providing ample space for our advanced operations. Equipped with an automated filament winder capable of handling products from 2 ft. to 21 ft. x 20 ft. long cylinders, we’ve successfully built and shipped numerous custom orders to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Strategic Collaborations

Crimar Industrial de Mexico stands as a testament to the power of international collaboration, bringing together the expertise of Crimar Industrial, Hengshui Jrain FRP, Ruglen Engineering, and experienced leaders like Juan Carlos Bagnod and Guzman Cruz. This formidable team ensures that our customers receive the support and quality they deserve.

Quality at the Core

Adhering to ASME RTP-1 standards, our commitment to quality is unwavering. With full-time inspectors and rigorous processes, we guarantee the integrity of our products. Each completed product is accompanied by a comprehensive data book, providing our clients with utmost transparency and assurance.

Seamless Connectivity and Supply Chain Excellence

Our prime location near the 4-lane international highway from Hermosillo to Nogales and the seaport at Guaymas enhances our logistical capabilities, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of our products.

A Vision for the Future

As we celebrate this milestone, our vision for the future is clear. Crimar Industrial de Mexico is poised for growth, ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities. We are committed to advancing our technological capabilities, expanding our global footprint, and continuing to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Join us in celebrating a year of achievements and looking forward to many more. For inquiries and support, please contact:

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